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Hi I'm Cathy

Hidden Crystal Tarot Creator Cathy

I walked past tarot shops for years before I finally went inside. I was intimidated and I didn’t know what I was looking for. Finally taking that step inside was the first along a lifelong journey.

Followed My Passion
Tarot spoke to my soul. I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew I was in the right place. Ever feel that way? I started to brainstorm my interests and went back to my childhood sketching days and came up with so many doodles inspired by my new passion.

My First Tarot Cloth Art Design
The doodles turned into art and my art developed into tarot cloth borders. When I read my cards I want the card’s art to shine. So it’s very intentional for me to leave the center areas open to showcase the cards. My first design was inspired by my fascination with each tarot suit having a linked element.

Tarot Cloth Art to Amplify Your Reading
If you tune into your intuition, the cards you choose represent your lifeline. Loving that idea, I wanted to create tarot cloth art that could supplement your practice. I wanted to make a series of cloths that drew on the power of crystals. Crystals are very powerful and have unique properties but can get very expensive, especially when you're just starting out. The first crystal cloth design was for manifesting abundance into our lives since that’s what I’ve been called to do with creating these cloths.

Partnering with Women Around the World
I couldn’t create my luscious velvet tarot cloth art without the help of design and manufacturing partners around the world. When I started getting amazing love from people using my cloths I knew I had to continue to grow my passion into a business. Once I set my intention to share my designs with as many people as possible, I started to work with amazing women (May, Nina, Aliona, and Soma have helped me immensely) from around the world to adjust my photos and help me design my sketches into manufacturable images. I’m full of so much thanks to them and you for helping to grow Hidden Crystal Tarot.

I'm so glad our tarot paths have joined here. I'd love to get to know you more and support your journey. Please email me, join our newsletter list, enjoy a cloth, and share your altar photos.

Love and light, Cathy

Hidden Crystal Tarot_Workspace_Candle_Nightly RitualHidden Crystal Tarot Mini Crystal Grid for Abundance

Photos: My standing desk with a mini crystal grid for abundance and candle. Every night my daughter and I light this candle and share gratitude. Every night she sends her love to everyone who buys "her" cloths.